So you’ve booked to stay in a hotel and you’re now left wondering what exactly you’ll need to pack. Sure, hotels often provide a lot of amenities – but they won’t supply you with everything. Here’s a quick guide to some of the things you may need to pack when you’re staying at a hotel.


Generally speaking, hotels will provide you with basic toiletries such as shampoo and body wash – with some hotel miniatures being better than others. However, you will want to bring your own basic supplies such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, skin creams and possibly your favourite hair care products. No two hotels are exactly the same, with differing levels of service being offered across the sector; but if you forget anything in your toiletry bag then don’t panic as many hotels will be able to provide you with basic replacements or will tell you where they can be purchased nearby. Other necessities for keeping yourself clean, such as towels, will be provided by the hotel.


This is the area where hotels aren’t going to provide you with much assistance and packing is essential. Bringing your own daytime clothing and nightwear is essential. Ensure to pack enough clothes for the length of your trip, along with some extra in case any clothes get damaged or in some way spoiled. Check the weather forecast for the area of your hotel during the dates of your stay, but try to pack for any weather eventualities just in case – as there’s nothing worse than only having shorts and a t-shirt when it’s cold and raining. Bring enough underwear, and some hotels provide gyms or other exercise-related activity so get yourself a good quality sports bra and pack it in your case if you feel you may take advantage of these hotel amenities.


A lot of hotels around the world will have entertainment on offer, such as live music, movie nights, in-house casinos and cultural evenings based on the area. However, you will likely want to pack some basic things to help keep you entertained when you’re not busy with anything else such as a book or your favourite handheld games console. Don’t forget to pack any chargers you need for things such as your mobile phone.

Overall, ensure the essentials such as clothes and chargers are packed before heading away to your hotel and also consider any toiletries and additional entertainment you may need.