It is becoming popular for people to ditch traditional hotels and choose boutique hotels. Have you ever visited a boutique hotel? Well, there are some outstanding features that always differentiate these hotels from chain hotels. They include:

  • Personalised care: You are likely to be addressed using your name from the moment you enter a boutique hotel. They also focus on making sure that their guests are having a good time, so expect them to check on you several times. Even the meals tend to be more about what is in season and not the typical ones you would find in a regular menu.
  • Smaller size: Boutique hotels tend to be smaller and they rarely go beyond having 30 rooms as compared to chain hotels that can have hundreds of rooms.
  • Intimate interior decor: Boutique hotels always focus on having beautiful designs and decor that is beautiful. Expect to find unique paintings and rags that are different in almost every room.
  • Out of city locations: while there are exceptions to the rule, most boutique hotels are always located out of town, to give customers the silence and peace that most of them desire.