When looking for a hotel, you should be aware that there are many options for you to choose from. When you understand the different types of hotels that are available, it is easier for you to settle on the best one that falls within your budget.

Types of Hotels

Hotels by target market:

The most common type of hotels is the one that ranks them by the target market. They include:

  • Business hotels that cater mostly for people who are travelling on business.
  • Airport hotels that target customers who are on transit and need accommodation near the airport.
  • Suit hotels where there is a living room that is separate from the bedroom.
  • Bed and breakfast where the focus is on a simple accommodation that guests are given breakfast and not other meals.
  • Serviced apartments for those looking for a place to stay longer.

Level of service

Hotels are also ranked based on how much service you will be given. There are high-end hotels that clients get the utmost service. There are also budget hotels where you get the bare minimum.

Who Owns the Hotel

Another way that hotels are ranked is who owns them. In this category, you will find chain hotels, budget hotels and independent hotels.